Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We finally came back home today! We are soooo tired.

It's just after 8:00 and the kids are in bed.

It's quiet!

You have no idea how good quiet sounds after spending a couple of days in a house with 13 other people... five of them being kids under 5 years old.

I think I could fall asleep real soon here.

And a random funny story that kind of goes with this post since pajamas have to do with bed time and sleep...

We put footy pajamas on Jason tonight. It's the first time we tried them on him this winter. I had a feeling he wouldn't like them since he always insists on taking his socks off before bed. Mike got Jason ready for bed and when they came out of his room Jason walked over to me wanting a hug.

He just sat on my lap with this really sad face and he kept sticking his footy feet out and saying "no wear dis." He said it over and over. I was hoping he would get over it but he didn't. When I thought he was about to go in to an all out cry I decided that Jason would win this one. I changed his pajamas and his feet are now free.

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