Monday, December 21, 2009

i heart faces... Christmas Traditions

This week at i heart faces they are taking a break from their weekly contests to give us all the chance to share "our story in photos"... holiday traditions.

This is the seventh Christmas that Mike and I have celebrated since we have been married and this is the first time we have done anything that might develop into a tradition. We never decorated before. Never exchanged gifts. (We did do something nice and fun together... that was our gift.)

This year the kids were pretty excited about Christmas and learning about the lights and trees from everyone else. They are also at the age where they can both listen and stay out of things. So we decided that this would be our first year for a tree.

We started our decorating day by making stockings and a few other simple crafts.

(Hooray for having a husband who isn't afraid to pick up the camera and snap a few nice shots!!)

After we were done crafting we took a break while the kids took a nap. When they woke up we got the tree out... the lovely, three foot, fake tree. :)

The kids were so excited. Jason called all those wonderful shatter proof ornaments "balls" and the two of them worked together to put almost every ornament right on the bottom of the tree.

Liza topped the tree off with an angel that she made at her little preschool program. She's so proud of it!

The finished tree... I thought about moving the ornaments around and spreading them out after the kids went to bed but I didn't. It's their tree. They play with it anyway and I would have to fix it every night.

And there you have it... our first time decorating for Christmas. It was fun! We all enjoyed it. And I think we will just have to do it again next year.

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