Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let me introduce you... my family!!

It's a rare thing to have EVERYONE together at the same time so we decided we better get some family pictures. We set up in the living room... the only place in the house that had the possibility of working for a group this size. We had to do some rearranging but it was worth it.

I'll go in order from oldest to youngest.

This is Linda and her family. They live in Florida and I don't get to see them very often.

Can someone say CUTE!!!?

Then I came along... and you all know my family. It's nice to have a decent picture. I'll show you some more another time.

Tony and his wife Grace live in Texas. They are pregnant with their first!! Too bad I probably won't get to see the kid until it is two. :(

Dave lives close to home with his family. I get to see them a little more often. Rory is an absolute doll!

Lisa is next. She lives in Florida near Linda. And Matt is the baby of the family... he's 18 now.

All of this because two people fell in love a long time ago and stayed together even when times were tough.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being a great example of what it looks like to make a marriage and a family work!

I think this has been the best Christmas ever!

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