Friday, December 25, 2009

Mom and Dad's Christmas Surprise

Confession: I'm a liar. I've been lying for weeks. Maybe even months. It's almost becoming easy. I lied to Mom and Dad. A lot.

But I had to.

I have three brothers, two sister, three in-laws and three nieces. We realized that everyone was planning to be home for Christmas. Everyone but Lisa. She couldn't afford a plane ticket because her hours had been cut from 40 to 20. But we knew we needed to get her home so we started talking about chipping in for her ticket and looking in to options. It was discussed with Dad... he said just make it his Christmas present and he wouldn't tell Mom so she would be surprised.

Being the genius that I am I realized that we could surprise Dad too and that is where the lies started. We were all in on it. We told him Lisa couldn't get off work to come home so it wasn't going to happen. But really Linda was booking Lisa's flight and collecting money. The gift was bought.

That was weeks ago. We have been telling lies ever since.

Lisa was flying in to Pittsburgh late Christmas Eve. I was to pick her up and bring her out on Christmas. Then I saw the weather. It was calling for freezing rain and I was afraid we wouldn't get home. So we got to work again... we paid some extra money and got Lisa on an earlier flight, called all the brothers and sisters and told them to come up with a reason to be at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve around 6:00 because we were coming.

(Dave's mother-in-law is up for mother-in-law of the year award. When she heard about the change in plans she told Dave to come here and that she would be mad if he showed up to her Christmas Eve dinner. That's a mother-in-law to have!)

Anyways... we dropped Lisa off at the bottom of the road so we would have time to get in the house before she walked in. Everyone was ready with their cameras and Mom and Dad had no clue what was coming. I was like a kid that couldn't wait for Christmas.

We were all standing around when Lisa walked in the front door. She had her video camera on and Linda was on the phone since she couldn't get here in time. I'm pretty sure it was the best gift I was ever a part of giving... the gift of the entire family being together for the first time in years.

The video is pretty much all over the place because Lisa got attacked with hugs but it's worth watching. My mom was so surprised!

Something funny happened to my dad... he had this watery stuff in his eyes. Not quite sure what was up with that. :)

We showed up just in time for dinner.

I'm not sure that we will ever be able to top this gift. And I am super excited to be with my family for three more days!! This is a great Christmas!

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