Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What is Christmas?

What is Christmas
by Michelle Medlock Adams

This is my favorite Christmas book this year. I love reading it with the kids. It is simple and the message is great.

It starts out with:

What is Christmas, anyway?
Why do we celebrate?
Why is December 25
A very special date?

Then it goes through all things Christmas... is it about Christmas trees? Christmas cards? Pretty lights? The Christmas play? Gifts? Santa Clause? The food? The snow? Santa's list? The songs? And so on.

All that leads to this...

No, that's not what Christmas is about!
All of these things are really nice
And superduper fun.
But Christmas is much more than that-
It's all about God's son.

The book then talks about Jesus and God's greatest gift of love, that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus birthday.

It ends with...

Okay, now I get it.
Santa Claus and Christmas trees
And presents are okay,
But Jesus is the real reason
We have a Christmas Day!

I really love this book because you know what... candy canes and Christmas trees and Santa Claus ARE ok... as long as we don't let them take priority and place above Jesus Christ, our Savior, the real reason for celebrating.

I know it's a little bit late for this year but you can order it HERE and have it ready for next year.

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