Monday, January 25, 2010

7 years!

Today is our anniversary.

Seven years ago a pastor married us in a church and he said, "Usually after I do a wedding I go home and do my happy dance. I will do a happy dance for you if I see you together in a year and you are still happy."

He was moved to a different church in another town shortly after our wedding and so we haven't been able to hold him to that happy dance. But if I should ever run in to him again I will remind him of what he said. It was rude.

I say it all the time... people thought we didn't know what we were doing. And I guess I can understand that since we did get married only 11 weeks after we started dating. (We were friends for a quite a while before that.) But guess what! We DID know what we were doing. We were certain. And we still are.

And we are happy!

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