Tuesday, January 26, 2010


While Mike and I were on our vacation over the weekend we discussed some goals for this year. I'm not really a goal person... a change needs made, I make it... but Mike needs them so I do them with him. We talked about some changes we wanted to make with the family, financial goals and the need to eat better.

We are making changes.

Some of them will take time but some are already happening. Like our Bible reading time with the kids. We've always done it at bedtime. It worked for a while. Then Jason figured out he could just keep playing and what one does the other does. It started getting really chaotic recently and we were just rushing through their little devotionals to get them in bed. So we made a change. We decided that it might work better if we did it right after dinner while the kids were still strapped in their chairs. It worked out really well. They sat and listened to their story, answered questions and had conversation. We were able to fit in more than a super short and quick prayer and they even sang some songs with me. I loved it! We will do it again tonight.

We made some financial goals... how much we want to save. How much we want to give. We agreed to get back to a tight budget and stick to it.

It's easy to stick to something when you initially make that change... for me at least. And that is how it was with budgeting and eating right. I made those changes a few years ago. But once you do them for a while it is easy to get relaxed about it and start making allowances that shouldn't be made. If you do this for too long you will end up right back where you were before you started the change. I'm on that backwards road.

Especially with eating.

I first decided to start eating right about a year and a half before Liza was born. After having kids it got a little tougher. I didn't have as much time to cook. I wanted to try to make things the kids would eat too. I just started getting lazy about it. Not real bad... but enough that I need to make some changes again.

I don't even have the kids as an excuse anymore... they eat anything! Not even close to picky.

So... I'm looking for new recipes. Websites. Cookbooks. Let me know if you have found one with healthy recipes that you like.

I recently discovered (through another blog friend) Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes. I'm not on Weight Watchers and don't plan to be but this site has some really good looking recipes... like the sweet potato fries. LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!

Anyways... hook me up with some new meals please!! And as I find some more I will share them with you. I prefer quick and easy things. I'm looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. Main course and side dishes. New ways to do veggies. I'm tired of my meals that I always seem to be rotating through.

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