Friday, January 29, 2010

Fix-it Friday

It's Fix-it Friday at i heart faces. They post a picture and have some of their team show their edits and how they did it and then every one else plays along. I only know basic editing but I liked this picture and they encouraged everyone to try out some textures. I figured why not since a lot of my regular readers are always looking for tips to improve their photography.

I just did a few really simple steps.

Here is the original that they gave us to work with...


I did the "smart fix" where it does some adjusting to colors and brightness, etc. and cropped it.


Then I added i heart faces holiday bokeh overlay and messed with the opacity until I liked it.


And lastly, since they were encouraging texture, I grabbed one from HERE and applied it to the picture.

Nothing fancy or spectacular. I know so little. But at least it helped me avoid cleaning for a little while longer. :)

Head on over to I Heart Faces to see how others fixed this photo up.

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