Saturday, January 30, 2010

An interview with my dad.

My dad recently decided to get healthy again and over the past few months he has made some HUGE changes. I don't believe that one diet is right for everyone so this isn't necessarily about the specific diet, although it is discussed. It's more about a complete lifestyle change that my dad made. He went from eating pretty horrible... lots of junk food, snacks, pop, very little to no water, and rarely did he ever have three meals in a day. I wanted to share with you his success so I did a little interview with him...

What made you decide to get healthy and lose weight?
I got sick in October. I couldn't sleep. Didn't feel like eating. I was scared I was going to die young. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. They checked my vitamins and found I was really vitamin deficient.

What is the diet that you are doing?
My sister told me about the McCombs Plan diet. It's a 16 week detoxification against bad candida. (I took this bit from the McCombs website... Candida normally exists in its yeast form in the digestive tract. Due to the effects of antibiotics, it can convert to its fungal form and spread throughout the body. The fungal form creates excessive toxicity which will affect the way every organ, tissue, and cell functions. This can contribute to or create many problems in the body. To reverse this effect, you have to eliminate the candida and restore the natural bacterial flora. If you've ever had an antibiotic, you've got candida.)

What are you aloud to eat?
All meat except pork. All fruit except oranges. Lots of brown rice. Vegatables. Potatoes. Three healthy meals a day. Snacks are aloud as long as they fit with what I am aloud to eat.

No dairy, wheat, sugar, or processed foods of any kind. No alcohol.

What has been the hardest thing about it?
Part of this diet is that I have to use a sauna every day as part of the detoxification. This means leaving the house and it takes time.

What has helped you to be successful?
By day eight of the diet I had more energy than I have had in years. I felt really good. Also  my wife's help, especially with learning to cook the things I was aloud to eat.

What changes have you noticed in yourself?
Lots of energy. I've lost 48 pounds. I had rosacea on my nose for ten years and it is almost gone. I had psoriasis on my elbow for two years and it's finally clearing up. I had acid reflux disease and it's now gone. My blood pressure is now normal and I'm off blood pressure pills. And I don't snore anymore when I sleep.

When did you start this diet?
October 12.

Will you continue with this "diet" when it is over and continue it as a lifestyle? Why or why not?
Absolutely. I'm not hungry. This isn't a starve yourself diet. It's a lifestyle change of healthy eating. I plan on keeping up the healthy eating. Forever.

I am so proud of my dad for making the necessary changes to get healthy! I can't believe he doesn't snore anymore!! Seriously... whenever we did a family trip I refused to share a hotel room with him because I would never be able to sleep.

But the biggest difference... he looks ten years younger! I was home just two weeks ago and I kind of kept staring at him and thinking "holy cow! Who is this person and where did my dad go?!"

Dad was telling me how he had a meeting for work with some people he hadn't seen since before he started the detox diet and lost weight. They joked that "only half of him showed up for the meeting." Here is a before and after so you can see what a change of habits, hard determination and a few months of sticking to it can get you...

Isn't that awesome!?!

And he is still going! It's funny to me because almost over night he has kind of become a bit of a health nut. It's a good thing though and it's inspired me to go a step further in eating healthy in this house.

I hope that this encourages those of you out there that are trying to make lifestyle changes. I hope you stick with it. I hope you find the crazy determination that my dad found. And I hope you can all make those changes before you become really scared that you just might die young and miss out on your life. Don't wait till tomorrow... make those changes today!

Way to go Dad!

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