Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Dare

A while ago my friend Rainey asked me how the Love Dare Devotional is going for us and I just haven't got around to answering her... until now. :)

So let me tell you how it is going...

We love it! It makes us think... about people... other than ourselves. That's a good thing. Not always easy but has great benefits. We don't get to it every day but definitely most days.

Each week has a "dare"... a focus... something to keep on your mind the entire week. This week it is about working together to accomplish something. We are to pick a project that needs done around the house and work on it together until completion. We decided it's either going to be cleaning the basement out or cleaning the kitchen cupboards out. Which ever we have time for (because the basement is always a huge undertaking.)

The devotional uses scripture but not a ton. It's always about love and relationships in some way. Some days have questions to make you go deeper.

What I love most about this devotional is that it is short, to the point, and good. It is a nice springboard into conversation about things other than work and the kids and "how was your day?" It gets us talking. Gets us thinking. Makes us change and grow.

In fact... I like it so much that I have been buying it for other people. Hopefully half way through it doesn't start sucking real bad and giving bad advice!

Another benefit that it has added for us is that it makes us sit down, spend time together (which usually isn't a problem) and pray TOGETHER. We made a deal... Mike prays on the odd days and I pray on the even days. We take turns. This was my idea because I have always been real good at letting Mike pray and just amening at the end.

We are growing in a good direction. We like it. You should buy it too.

Thanks for the question Rainey!!

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