Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Round 3 with the footie jammies...

 ...Liza wins!

Jason had just got his bath and it was time to put some jammies on so I got out the dreaded footies. (If you didn't see the post with his reaction the second time I tried them... which is the same reaction as the first time you will want to go HERE and check that out.) As soon as he saw the jammies Jason started crying and saying "no jammies." But I had a plan... I was going to have him watch me cut the feet off and figured that would do it... no more crying.

Nope. He cried. I forced him in to the no longer footie jammies and then did my best to distract him. Eventually the distractions worked and he was laughing, having a good time. I put him down so he could walk out of the room to go find Liza and as soon as he got to the other side of my bed he saw the footies on the floor and lost it again. I just left him to himself this time. He got over it in about two minutes.

Then Liza entered the room and discovered the cut off footies and she thought she found gold!

 She was so excited and wanted to wear them all night. Jason didn't mind.

Liza was so excited that she let me take some pictures of her.

"Liza I can't see your eyes!"

Liza: "Oh. Like dis!"

"Liza! Put your hands on your belly!"

Liza: "Like dis! I have wings!!"

Then we tucked the kids in bed.

When we checked on them before we went to sleep this is what we found...

Liza with her warm cozy feet thanks to the footies...

 ...and Jason with his feet nice and free thanks to the footies being cut off.

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