Monday, February 8, 2010

It's deep.

I am loving this snow. I know a lot of people are going to be complaining and hating it but I think it is BEAUTIFUL! I was out yesterday afternoon and the sky was blue with fluffy clouds and the snow was sparkling. Beautiful. There is snow EVERYWHERE! It's amazing really.

We didn't get out a ruler to measure the snow so I don't know exactly how much we got but it is definitely deep. We stuck Liza in it with her legs straight down...

I didn't put Jason in at first because I thought he would hate it. But once he saw Liza he insisted on getting in too. So we also stuck him in with his legs straight down...

Liza thought it was awesome. She was having a blast. I was standing on the road keeping the snow out of my boots.

Jason decided he was done with it. I wouldn't like being stuck in the snow up to my waist either! Claustrophobic. I think Liza would have stayed in the snow until she froze. Mike started burrying her and she was just having the time of her life.


 By this time it was already past nap time... which is ok because we can be flexible like that. However the kids DO still need their naps so we had to start wrapping up the snow play and getting ready to head inside. But first Liza discovered that the big snow piles made a great little seat... and you know how it goes in this family... Jason had to follow her. They are so ridiculously cute all the time. (Well except for when they are fighting.)



Who knows when we will get out to play in the snow again because it's obviously too deep for them to do anything in it and the roads are now cleared and you can't really sled on pavement. Perhaps we will have to bundle up and take a walk to the mailbox someday and let them play with the snow piles along the way.

We definitely won't be seeing any green around here for weeks and there is more snow in the forecast. I actually love winter when it acts like winter. Lots of snow. Blizzards. It's fun.

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