Friday, February 12, 2010

Living Foods

I just started pillar three in The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert.

Whenever I want to eat better and concentrate on being healthy I like to pick up a book by Colbert because he puts things in such a way that I WANT to make the right choices. He motivates me to be healthy like Dave Ramsey motivates me to be money smart.

The third pillar is living food. (The second was sleep. I may or may not write about that some day.)

I'm just going to quote some stuff from the book because Colbert will be able to say it better than I could. :)

Imagine you have two shelves in your pantry, one that says "dead food" and the other "living food."

On the "dead food" shelf is a little tag that reads: "These foods will make you disease-prone will cause degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis, and will make you overweight. They will also make you fatigued and prone to develop hypertension and high cholesterol."

But the "living food" shelf's tag reads: "These foods will protect your body from cancer, heart disease, all degenerative diseases, and obesity, and they will sharpen your mind, energize you, and enliven you."

There's your choice. As an average American, you may be consuming up to five pounds of food each day. Over your lifetime, that's around seventy tons of food that pass through your intestinal tract and are assimilated by your body.

Which shelf are you going to select food from?

Colbert reminds us that everything we put in our mouths has the potential to produce life or death. "Food is part of man's reward. But eating the wrong foods will bring curses of poor health."

I don't know about you... but that makes me want to eat living foods. Today was the first of several in this pillar so I am sure I will be learning plenty in the next few days about living foods. Some stuff I already know because I've read about it before but it never hurts to learn it again.

Another book by Don Colbert that I love is Eat This and Live. I still haven't finished it but there is a lot of really great information about the right and wrong foods to eat. I highly recommend it! I also recommend The Seven Pillars of Health even though I am only on the third pillar.

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