Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowballs and Sledding

The kids love the snow and they are teaching me to love it once again... and I think that is pretty cool. :)

Yesterday after the snow stopped we played outside for quite a while. We normally do our sledding in our backyard but I really didn't feel like walking up the little hill in a foot and a half deep snow while carrying a kid. Not so fun. So we went down the driveway and the road. (Don't worry... we were safe about it and we live on a small road and not even one car went by.)

This is me trying to convince Jason to get in the sled with us.

He was real hesitant at first and he kept saying "I walk!" Since I wasn't able to convince him with words that sledding was more fun I eventually just grabbed him and put him in with me. He cried for about three seconds and then realized it wasn't so bad after all. AND... he got to WALK back up the hill.

See how he just gets to chill?

 Liza was a big girl and wanted to pull the sled back up the driveway for us. She also insisted on going by herself a few times. She's growing up.

The entire time we were outside the kids were obsessed with snowballs. They had to have one at all times. ALL TIMES! If they dropped it there would be panic and chaos.

See how Liza is watching her snowball the whole way down the hill? Very protective of that thing.

I'm really glad that we got out in the snow yesterday because this morning it is only 7 degrees and I don't think it will be nearly as warm this afternoon.

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