Monday, March 22, 2010

C25K update.

I ALMOST wrote a post last week about how I was kind of sort of really starting to like running. Or maybe I did mention that. I can't remember. My days and thoughts seem to all be running together lately. A sure sign that I am too busy and it is time to cut some things out... but that's another post.

Right... this post is about c25k. If you are new to my blog (because I DO have a few new followers... happy face) c25k is a running program to get you from the couch to running a 5k... or three miles... or thirty minutes. Today started week four.


I thought I was going to DIE this morning on the treadmill.

First, my morning was crazy because we were picking up a friend and her two kids after the gym to head to a play date so I had to remember to pack all kinds of things. In trying to remember everything I needed to pack I FORGOT to eat more than a plum for breakfast. I was also dehydrated to start with. Not so fun. Thankfully I didn't puke. And due to being dehydrated I didn't feel like I had to pee the entire time. Bonus.

This mornings workout was by far the hardest...

Run 3 minutes.
Walk 90 seconds.
Run 5 minutes.
Walk 3 minutes.

Those last five minutes felt like a lifetime.

I REALLY don't want to do it again on Wednesday. Instead I want to stomp my feet, throw a little tantrum and say I QUIT!

But I won't. What's the fun in it if I give up as soon as it starts to actually feel like a little bit of a challenge. I'll just keep doing what I do... telling myself "You can do this Laura! You can DO THIS! That's right! One foot in front of the other! NO you will NOT slow down. Finish it out! You CAN do this!"

And I did. I finished it. On Wednesday I will do it again. And it is so nice to have a friend there doing it as well so we can high five, fist pump, celebrate when we finish another run.

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