Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I pass!

Over the past few months I've been taking online photography classes from Big Picture Scrapbooking. The first class was really basic. Get Great Photos With Any Camera. Teaches a lot about composition and light and would be helpful to someone just starting out. (This class is currently open for registration.)

The second class was called Get Out of Auto in which it helped you move into some other settings on your camera and start to take a little bit of control instead of letting your camera figure everything out. This class was also just an overview of some things I already knew. But the refresher was good and I did learn a few things.

The last class just finished up. It was called Moving in to Manual and was by far the class that I learned most from. I took a huge step and got brave and started using the full manual mode on my camera. For the past few weeks I have practiced and practiced and I am really loving the photos I am getting. It was absolutely worth the cost and I am sooo glad that I took this class.

At the end of each class we are to submit a photo for the teacher, Elisha Snow, to critique. This ALWAYS makes me nervous! I professional telling me what they think of my photo!? Yikes!!! So I always go through my recent photos and try to pick one that I think is fabulous. I want to hear "great photo!" That's my goal. But I am always certain there will be some critiques to come with it. So I sorted through and picked out a photo, submitted it and then held my breath.

The photo I chose is of Jason holding his Papa's hand as they watch the tractors at the strip mine. It was the first time I ever used my camera in full manual and I love the photo. It's super sweet.

And here is the critique I got!!!

This photo just melts my heart! I love everything about it. The lighting, composition and color. I think you used a perfect aperture, so that the hands in the background are just slightly out of focus, and the boy (and those eyes!) are really what we're focusing on! I love the almost full-frontal light and I love the hood over his head. The overall color of the photo looks very warm and inviting as well and the skin tones look great. Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!

I passed! She liked it! And there was no notes on what to fix. In the other classes I always got a few things that should be touched up in post processing or whatever... but this one I did right! We don't get a grade or anything for these classes so this is kind of my report card and it's nice to know I passed. :)

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