Sunday, March 28, 2010

My favorite things...

1. My new flip flops.

I bought these babies this weekend at Halmark. It was love at first sight. Even better... they are pretty comfortable and feel good on my feet. I can't wait for it to be flip flop weather!!! (Check out

2. My new lens.

I am looooving this lens. It's better than I thought it would be and came at a perfect time as I am learning much more about photography and enjoying it so much and the weather is getting nicer so it is easier to get outside and do photo shoots. I love it. I don't even think about my other two lenses anymore. It's perfect for me and what I like to do.

3. Oranges.
I am afraid I've become addicted to oranges. They are just so yummy and I eat two or three almost every day. Sooo good. Mmmm... now that I am thinking about oranges I might just have to go have one... which would make three for today. Seriously... it's a problem. Thankfully I've been finding four pound bags for $2 or less!

4. Lisa Bevere.
Ok. So she isn't a THING but she can still be on my favorite things list. :) Lisa Bevere is an awesome godly woman. I've read a few of her books, have two more to read on my shelf and will be ordering the one I don't have very soon. I will also be doing her Fight Like a Girl Study with some friends this summer. Really looking forward to that. Need to order it as well. Seriously though... every girl should read something by Lisa Bevere. Or at least listen to a message. Go to and go to tools and downloads and click free downloads. The two at the bottom of the page... Uncovering the Lie and Extreme Makeover are messages by Lisa. I have not yet listened to them because I just discovered they were on there the other day and have not yet had time to sit and listen... but I will do it soon and I am sure if you listen that you will love her!!

5. My new Chris Tomlin cd.

Good music with good messages. I've been listening to this cd pretty much non-stop since I bought it two weeks ago. Check out this website to listen to his music.

6. The Message/NIV parallel Bible.
I've been reading through the Bible in a Year. I decided to go with The Message paraphrase Bible this year and have been enjoying it. My favorite translation is the NIV and I thought it would be really nice to have these two translations together in one Bible so I set out to find one. I happened to stop in the Christian book store when they had a lot of their Bibles on sale for 50% off. Hooray for a great deal and I've been loving reading the two translations together.

What are your current favorite things??

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