Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A runner no more. :(

I am sad to have to admit that I will no longer be doing c25k. I have to quit. I spent a lot of time over the weekend thinking about this because as strange as it is I've been kind of enjoying having running as a workout and a goal to work towards. I really wanted to finish this and run in a race this summer.

The problem?

Shin splints. :(

I always got them in high school. They were horrible. I would get to the point where it was too painful to walk. I know all the things to do to "take care of them" but in reality they only lessen the pain a little and never really fix the problem. Rest is the only thing that makes them better.

I had been hoping that I just wouldn't get shin splints... or that it would take a really long time for them to start bothering me. However, I was only one month in and while they aren't extremely painful I can feel them beginning to ache. And it's not just when I am running but also when I am just sitting around.

I'm not good at quitting... especially when I have convinced others to join me so this was not an easy decision at all. What it came down to was that I would rather be able to hike with my family and wear my high heels than be able to say that I ran a 5k but was unable to enjoy my summer. I decided to run just for something to do and I am deciding to quit because the cost isn't worth it.

Instead I will use the eliptical until I can find a good swimsuit, goggles and swim cap and then I will train to swim a mile. It's a good workout and good a goal. And I just might have some people to join me in that... well at least the swimming part. We'll see how far I can get them to go with me. :)

I really REALLY hope that everyone else who started c25k with me continues to keep going! PLEASE do not quit just because I had to. You better keep going and if you do need to quit it better have nothing to do with me!! :) I was so proud of my friend Kim this morning... she's my running partner and she ran without me! Awesome!!

But yeah... like I said... I'm a bit bummed. I'll get over it eventually though. And I hate my shins!

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