Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wish List

Not too long ago I added a little box on my sidebar where you can ask me anything. Check it out and ask a question and I will answer it on my blog. If you want me to know who asked the question please put your name in it somewhere... otherwise it will be anonymous.

Melissa from Little Mrs. Married (as well as Try, Try Again) asked:
What are your top 5 wish list items? Assuming you'd saved up for them. :)

You know... I'm not sure that I have five things on my current wish list. But I am sure that if I think hard enough I can come up with five things. Hmm... maybe it will actually be easier than I thought.

1. A house.
We've been renting for 7 years now. I don't really mind. We live in a good sized house in a good location. But I'm ready to have my own house so I can decorate it and hopefully no longer have these dark, paneled walls.

2. A vacation.
I would LOVE to go to Arizona. We were on our way there one time. We drove and drove and drove for HOURS and stopped in New Mexico about six hours from the Grand Canyon. We woke up in the morning to find that the road we needed to take in to Arizona was closed because they got a foot of snow over night. :( We ended up changing plans and went to Texas instead. But I would love to save up the money, find someone to watch the kids for a week and Mike and I go to Arizona.

3. Photoshop.
I want the full program but don't know if I will be getting it any time soon. I have a friend who's husband does computer stuff looking around for a good deal for me... but it's an editing program that costs $1000. Ugh. But I WANT it! I'm ready for it. I want to learn to edit like the pros. :)

4. One of everything from the online store at Messenger International (John and Lisa Bevere's ministry.)
I've read a few of their books and did one of their small group studies. Everything has had a huge impact on my life. I want one of everything... so I can read and listen and pass it around... so that me and all my friends and family can grow and grow and grow!

5. One full body massage every month. :)
Enough said! I'm getting one next Wednesday!! But don't have the money to get one the month after that. I really do need to find a way to make $65 a month to cover the cost so I can make this a reality haha.

Thanks for the question Melissa!

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