Friday, March 26, 2010

You may have noticed...

...that there have been some recent changes around here. :)

The obvious of course is my entire layout. Big thanks to Linds for helping me figure out all the html coding that I needed to work with. And if you are wondering where I got all the cute things that I used in my header and post dividers they came from this website.

You may have also noticed that my photos are now "stamped" with Wix-Pix Photography. That is now the name of my business that is not a business because I don't want to make it work and am still learning tons. Anyways... it's a little play on words and Mike gets the credit for helping me think of it. He said "How about Wick's Pics?" That would be my last name. (I know... hunt me down and stalk me for putting too much info on the blog. Whatever.) And when Mike said that the light bulb went off in my head to come up with the spelling. Wix-Pix. I like it. It's clever. It's fun. It's me.

Another new thing is that I now have a button for my blog. You can grab the code for it and display it in your sidebar if you just love my blog so much that you want others to know about it. :) Grab it here or on my sidebar...

Just copy the code below the picture and paste it in your sidebar.
(For simple instructions on making your own blog button go HERE.)

And don't forget about the Ask Anything box on my sidebar. Just type in your question (and if you want me to know that it was YOU who asked it put your name in there as well.) It will get sent to me and I will answer it in a post. I would love to have some questions from some of my readers! Gives me some fresh writing materials. :)

I've got a lot of posts half way written just waiting to be finished... more of my favorite things, photography tips to help beginners take good pictures with the camera they have, my favorite and least favorite things about blogger and blogging (thanks to Melissa for asking that question!), who inspires me and lots more pictures and funny stories of the kids. Life is starting to slow down a bit and hopefully I will have plenty of time to get caught up on everything.

Have a great weekend!! Do something fun and do something for yourself. :)

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