Friday, April 30, 2010

Crossing my fingers and hoping real hard.

I have been potty training Liza for well over a year now. It's the most frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with to date. I don't want any more kids. I'm done. Potty training turns me in to a beast. I can't win. I can't make it happen. I don't like anything about it. And Liza has been the most difficult child about it ever. She has made me cry and feel like the biggest failure in the world. She can do it. I swear she can. She just never wants to.

When she got her big girl bed I just started talking about how she is a real big girl now and big girls pee on the potty and all that. I was waiting for things to end (like school and other obligations) so that we could just throw underwear on her and be done with it.

One day I got the bag of her underwear out and let her look at them and touch them to see how soft they are. We even hung a pair on the wall. (The things we parents do.) She started talking about wanting to wear them so I told her she had to start peeing  on the potty. One of her little friends came over for a visit last week and when she used the potty she left her underwear laying on the floor. I told Liza "look at her big girl undies!" The next day when I asked her what she thought about her friend's undies Liza said in kind of a whisper "I touched um." Yeah! That's my girl!!!

And ever since she has taken an interest in using the potty. (We've used the friend method before and it never worked.)

I told myself a while ago that I would no longer get too excited when she seems to be showing potty progress because it always ends up in complete disappointment and frustration. So I'm not completely jumping for joy yet but I'm really REALLY hoping that this time is THE TIME. Maybe.

I've been putting a pullup on her when we go out in the morning but if she is dry when we come home she gets to pick out a pair of big girl undies to wear for the rest of the day.

We've had a few accidents but I think she is getting there. Yesterday she only had one accident and she was standing right in front of the toilet trying to get her underwear down. She just waited a little too long. I heard her say "I HAFTA PEEEE!" Then little feet running to the bathroom. Then "I didn't make it." And I found her standing in a puddle of her pee. But she hates when she doesn't make it. And she made it the rest of the night.

You won't hear any dancing or cheering. There are no rewards this time... just big girl undies. We've spent our money on rewards. I danced and sang until I thought I might die. We've stickered the entire house. We've had charts hanging all over the bathroom. We've given prizes and presents. We've taken things away. I'm over it all. I'm over singing and dancing and stickering and prizes. It's time to just do it all ready. So even though it's kind of a big deal... you won't hear me making a big deal about it. I used all of that up.

Pray for my sanity as we try this again today and pray that it sticks this time. I don't think I can handle another failure.

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