Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Remember how I tried that Couch to 5k thing? And then I begged all my friends to join me. And then I had to quit before I was even running 20 minutes straight because I got shin splints and decided it wasn't worth it. And then all my friends that started with me eventually quit as well... except for KIM!!!

Remember all that?

Well this was the week that Kim had to run for 30 minutes straight... or three miles. She didn't have time to finish her run on Monday because she had other things to get through so today was going to be the first day that she ran the full three miles.

When I woke up this morning I was feeling all kinds of frustrated and was feeling like taking a beating so I decided I would get myself to the gym and run with Kim and do what I could.


Actually Kim ran 3.1... getting ready for that 5k she registered for at the end of May. I stopped at three miles because... well... because I don't remember ever running three miles ever before. I don't remember running even two miles ever before. I'm sure I did back in the days when I played soccer but really I've never set out before and been all "I think I will run so many miles today."

I think it's been about a month since I have done any running. I wasn't sure how much I would be able to do today. When I started my body just did not want to move and by about five minutes in to the run I was bored. But Kim was beside me running her butt off so I decided to keep going. After a while my body loosened up and was working like a well oiled machine but I was still sooo bored. When I hit two miles though I figured "what the heck! Might as well keep going." And keep going I did!!! I ran three miles in 31.5 minutes. Not bad for not being a runner!!!

I can't believe that I just woke up and ran three miles today! ha. That's kind of crazy. My shins weren't bothered today but that doesn't mean I am going to try running all the time again. Maybe it is something I can do once a week and maybe that means that someday I just might be able to run in a race. Who knows. All I really know is that MY LEGS HURT!!! I'll probably be walking a bit funny tomorrow.

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