Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hard work.

I've never believed in having every toy on the market. My kids have plenty of toys but when it comes to playing outside we only have a few. That's fine with me... outdoor toys are expensive!

Anyways... I'm always amazed at how the kids manage to have a great time and use their imaginations with what they do have. (And that is why I believe in not having every toy on the market.)

They had been blowing bubbles and running around the yard when Jason discovered this "beaw big weafs".

Distracted from his bubbles he was off with his truck. ($2 at a garage sale = AWESOME!)

Liza caught up to him while mowing the grass and decided that the truck was a good place to put all the leaves.

Jason was off to take the leaves somewhere... down the hill...

And Liza took a break...

After doing this a few times they decided it was time to ditch the work and go be kids and do that thing that makes me stop breathing just about every other second as I try not to have a gazillion little consecutive heart attacks... run down the hill as fast as they can.

They love it so I try to get over it. It's tough. Liza's been doing this though since she could walk and she learned to walk at 11 months. You would think I would be over it and able to just calmly watch. Does that ever really happen in a mother's heart?

Oh well... they were headed back up the hill to do it again and again and again.

Maybe someday I will be able to fully enjoy their giggles as they do this.

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