Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm baaa-aak!!!

My new computer arrived this morning. I loooove it! I got right to business setting it up, getting my programs on here, loading up some pictures and editing.
So lets just get to it. Here's the first batch of pictures....

We've taken the kids out to ride their bikes a few times now. It's not going quite as well as we had hoped. Don't get me wrong... they still love their bikes and they ask to ride them all the time. But... well...
 It always starts out good. Liza and Jason happy on their bikes.

 But after about two minutes things start getting a little wierd.

Liza just isn't getting the whole pedal thing down so she prefers to ride Jason's bike and push it with her feet like he does... he can't reach the pedals.

 So then Jason wants to ride Liza's bike but he needs pushed. So I send Mike off to push him. He cries, not because he is on a purple girly bike but because he wants Mom to push him.
 Then he decides he wants his own bike back...
 ...not so he can ride it but so he can do his new favorite thing... walk his bike.

He concentrates on this really hard.

And then Liza decides she also needs to push her bike. Perhaps we should have waited another year.

But I'm glad we didn't wait because there are so many cute moments... like these...

I just might have to take them to the end of the road tonight so they can push their bikes around.
Silly kids.

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