Monday, April 19, 2010

Money Monday

Do you have a financial success you want to share?
Have you found a way to help you save money... even if it's just a little bit at a time?
Do you have questions about money or budgeting, etc.?

These are the kinds of things we want to share today. Write a post, link back to me in it and then enter your POST URL in the McLinkey. Don't forget to stop back later in the day to see others who have linked up!


One of the biggest ways that I save money is by accepting hand-me-downs.

This isn't always easy because new is fun. And if we buy new we get to go out and find exactly what we like, things in our exact taste and style. That, of course, is exciting! But it can also be expensive and often puts people in debt.

I get most of the kid's clothes second hand. HUGE savings! And they don't even know the difference. Actually you probably wouldn't even know it either if I didn't tell you.

Almost all of my furniture is second hand. MASSIVE savings. My living room doesn't have a matching thing in it but I've learned to not care. Plus my kids are still in the spill and pee on things stage so it would be silly for me to go out right now and buy that couch that I dream of one day having that costs a couple thousand.

Our latest hand-me-down item... Liza's big girl bed. It was getting to be time to move her up to a twin. She was looking too big in her toddler bed. Mike's parents saved us a ton of money by giving us one of their old twin beds with a mattress. Another mismatched piece of furniture in my house but I don't care because to move Liza from a toddler bed to a twin bed only cost me $40... I found a $100 bed set on sale. :) Perfect.

My money advice to others today is DON'T BE TOO GOOD FOR SECOND HAND STUFF!

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