Saturday, April 17, 2010

More complete randomness.

I really don't think I can wait till Thursday to get my new computer. What was I thinking!?! I should have just gone to the store and bought one and brought it home with me. Now I know better for next time.


My brother-in-law and his wife just posted pics from their vacation to a place where the sun shines and there is water all around. I has me CRAVING a kidless vacation. Desperate. I NEED one. What a test... ya know... because we just got that emergency fund fully funded and the money is just sitting there. Can a vacation be considered an emergency? I mean... could I get a doctor to prescribe a nice vacation to increase my level of sanity? Anyone want to watch my kids for a weekend? I would settle with a cheap vacation to Niagara Falls or something if we had a sitter. Anyone? ANYONE??


A friend emailed me asking me to keep an eye out for a good bargain on two books she is looking for. I thought I would ask if any of you had a copy of either that you wouldn't mind parting with in order to bless a single mother of three boys.

The books are titled...
The Balanced Mom raising your kids without losing yourself.
Kid Cooperation how to stop yelling, nagging & pleading & get kids to cooperate

Let me know if you can help.


I have been struggling BAD with this no sugar thing. I can't eat sugar. There is no moderation here. I'm an all out addict. But lately. Oh man... I WANT sweet. All. the. time. No I am not pregnant. No I am not pmsing. I'm just a girl who loves chocolate and sweets and can't have them. Ugh. Help!


Not eating sugar is paying off. (Bitter sweet. Like so many things in my life.) I went shopping yesterday. The goal was to find one dress and one swimsuit. Not usually two things I would shop for in the same day but it's also not often that Mike is home anymore to leave me large chunks of time to shop for these difficult things. However it was a completely successful day. I came home with a swimsuit and TWO dresses that I absolutely love and no tears were shed and there were no thoughts of "I'm so fat in this!" (Which is pretty amazing seeing that I was shopping for a one-piece swimsuit... not so flattering on me but necessary for swimming laps.) I was hoping Mike would help me narrow it down but he loved both dresses as well and since I have two things I need a dress for this summer he told me to keep them both! So I guess I can make it a bit longer with the no sugar thing.


Jason used to love baths but all of a sudden he HATES them! It's the first thing he says in the morning when we go to get him out of bed... "I no take a bass." He will even make himself cry over it and we will be all "JASON! Stop! You are not getting a bath today!" We don't even give him baths in the morning. But he will be so upset over it that he can't stop crying. And when he does get a bath... oh man. He screams the entire time. And he holds his hand on his head and tries to stop you from washing his hair. It's awful. I make Mike give him his baths. You know... good parent, bad parent. Mike gives him the bath which makes him scream then I get to hug him and hold him and tell him it's all right.

Yeah... hope you enjoyed that random view of the things that are running through my mind lately.  Oh sunshine... where are you? I need a tan for these dresses I bought.

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