Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now I Know

For some reason the discussion of how often cleaning happens used to come up a lot. I don't know why... maybe it was because I hung around people who were always cleaning. Maybe.

I hate cleaning. I don't enjoy one little thing about it... except for the feeling of having a clean house... but it's almost not worth the effort. I don't think I clean nearly as much as other people. Then again, I'm not a germaphobe either. (Not that everyone who likes to clean or cleans often is a germaphobe.) I don't mind a little dirt or a little mess. My house is lived in. I have two small children. And I hate to clean. Did I already mention that? Sorry. It's just that I REALLY hate cleaning.

I used to always be completely shocked at how often people said they scrub their floors. Every other day. Once a day. Twice a day. REALLY??? Wow. I couldn't even imagine. Sure I swept the floors daily because they needed it... but scrub them? Not something that happened very often.

And then I got these laminate wood floors. Ugh. Ok... I like how they look. I really do. BUT... you can see every. single. piece. of. dirtorfoodorspillordust. Ugh.

So now I understand why they always said they scrubbed their floors so often... they didn't have carpet. However... I still don't scrub my floors as often as they need done. Because, honestly, I JUST. DON'T. CARE. So you can clearly see that something has been spilled on the floor... As long as it doesn't have ten ants hanging out around it it can wait another day. I've got a book to read.

I just hate cleaning.

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