Thursday, April 29, 2010


Someone used that little box on my sidebar to ask me a question. I'm not real sure who it is because there was no name with it but I'll answer it anyways... :)

"How are you always so positive? You see positive in EVERY situation."

Well let me start by saying this... I can be negative too. I have my gloom and doom days. It's just that others often don't see that side of me because I don't stay negative very long. And even when I am negative or mad or frustrated I seem to be making jokes and laughing. It's a strange thing.

How am I always so positive? I honestly have no idea! ha!

It must just be partly the way I was made. I don't know. This isn't a very good answer haha. I believe that if we focus on the negative we will remain negative. If we can find the positive in every situation then life will be better. Sometimes I don't see the positive of a situation until years later. Sometimes I can see it while I am in it.

Live. Laugh. Love. It's a popular thing and we see it everywhere but I believe not too many people really live by that. Life happens. Deal with it. Learn from it. Laugh. Find the humor. Find the silver lining. Don't let life defeat you. Beat it. Win. That's what I do.

Forgiveness is also another way to stay positive. If we hang on to hurts and become bitter and refuse to forgive the only person we hurt is ourself. It's not worth it. Let stuff go. Forgive.

Life is too short to just be focusing on the negatives.

I worked at a camp a few years ago and at the end of the season the camp director gave us each a laminated page with our picture, staff picture and a paragraph about what quality of leadership we bring to the team. Mine was humor. Here is what it says...

Laura - humor
Leaders, in time of crisis, must reduce a problem to real world standards. You create comic relief; you see the comedy of the situation and relieve the stress and tension from the air. You help people relax and reevaluate and refocus on what really needs to be done.

Perspective. Is the glass half empty or half full??

Life will always happen. There will always be things going on that will upset you. The key is in your reaction. Do you let that situation take over your life or do you deal with it and move on?

Well that felt a bit random. I hope I gave you something in that answer haha! You can ask a question any time in the ask anything box on my sidebar. If you want me to know who is asking be sure to leave your name or blog title.

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