Saturday, April 24, 2010

Visiting Daddy

Mike roofs. That means he doesn't have an office for me to reach him at or to drop in with the kids. He does have a cell phone with him but he leaves it in the car and checks it on his breaks. I like to know where he is at so every morning he starts a new job he leaves me a message in the morning with the address of the roof he will be on.

This is a nice thing because if he isn't too far I like to take the kids to see him on his lunch break.

On Wednesday he was working one road down from where I had to take Liza for her little school program. Convenient. Jason and I stopped by to see Daddy after dropping Liza off at school. Jason got to see Daddy on the roof and then Mike came down to talk to us for a minute. Jason thought Daddy was the man... until he noticed the tractor across the road that was digging a hole for some new pipes or something.

Jason and I ran a few errands, picked Liza up from school and stopped to see Daddy again. He was on his lunch break so the kids got to sit in his truck. They love when they get to do that. They think Daddy is cool.

I like that the kids get a chance to see Daddy at work every once in a while. They ask me every morning "where Daddy go?" (That's Jason.) And I tell them he works and he works hard so that they can have nice things. And I teach them to say "Thanks for working Daddy." And I mean that thanks from the bottom of my heart... thanks for working so I don't have to!

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