Monday, April 19, 2010

What do you do about that!?

Liza. She's a beast sometimes. She's got a lot of her momma in her. (I'm sure my parents are chuckling just a little bit at that thinking it's payback time for all the trouble I caused them... but hey... I got a bit of my Dad passed on to me... he's the one to be blamed.)

Here's the problem. I put her to bed tonight because it was bedtime. I turn out the light and close the door like we do every single night. She then starts to scream in this hideous, beastly voice "I WAAANT TO DO IIITTT!" Meaning that she wants to turn off the light and close the door herself. No. She was already tucked in.

Well she continues to scream this for a while (I went to take the clothes off the line and I could hear her outside) and I am just ignoring her hoping she will stop. But her screaming gets Jason going and is getting him all fussed up when I already had him settled in bed.

So I go to Liza's room and tell her that if she does not stop screaming I am going to have to spank her. Usually the threat is enough to get her to stop whatever behavior needs to be stopped. Well... little stinker that she is says "Do it Mommy."

No joke. She is currently in her room yelling "DOOOO IIIIIIT!" and she just told me to hurry up! So what am I supposed to do with that? Little punk. She's throws me off my game every once in a while.

And just for the record... I know not everyone is a fan of spanking. That's ok. You do it your way and I will do it mine and we will go on being happy. Please do not write to me telling me I am an awful mommy and don't love my children and that they are going to be messed up grownups because they were spanked. I'm not here to debate it.

Then end.

But really... what would you do in this situation if you were me? Because I am sure something like this will happen again.

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