Sunday, April 25, 2010

You aren't going to believe this!

I wouldn't believe it myself if there weren't pictures for proof.

Remember all the failed attempts to get Jason to wear footie jammies?? (If not you will want to check it out HERE and HERE.)
Well... I went out for a while and when I came back Mike told me I should check out the pictures on the camera that he got.

This is what I found!!!!

You see... Liza is in love with Jason's footie jammies. Jason has ALWAYS hated them. However, I guess Liza was putting on a pair and somehow managed to talk Jason in to putting a pair on too.

I can't believe I missed it!!!

It's pure footie jammie love and bonding going on here.

Ummm... not sure what happened to Liza in this next pic haha...
 I'm so glad that Michael knows that there are certain things that when they happen it is necessary to get the camera and document it. I never would have believed him otherwise.


Unfortunately this was about two weeks ago and we have not been able to get Jason to wear the footie jammies again. On a good note though... he did take a bath last night without screaming his head off. We may be making some progress.

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