Monday, May 31, 2010

1 to 576,000

Those are the odds of being struck by lightning.

I'm a 1. I've been struck by lightning.

Not directly. It's not like the bolt came down and hit me in the head or anything. I was working at a camp, a storm came in and lightning hit a tree outside the cabin at the same exact moment that I decided to open the big metal door. Energy definitely went through my body. It was strange. I just felt extremely full for a brief moment and then I stood there and freaked out for a bit.

Another friend who worked at the camp was also hit at the same time. He got it worse than I did. Someone called 911 and the ambulance came. We rode in the same ambulance to the hospital. It was kind of fun because I wasn't really hurt (my heart was a little irregular for a while) and I was sitting up and I was kind of like a little kid all "woo hoo! The cars are parting for meee!"

Anyways... ever since then I've kind of freaked out about storms. I stay inside. I get all jumpy. If there is crazy thunder in the middle of the night that wakes me up I wake Mike up and hang on to him. And I definitely avoid metal doors. I always feel safest in my house.

Today I was out for a while and about ten minutes from home I ran in to a storm. Not a sissy storm but a storm storm. I was alone in the car and I SWEAR that it was lightning right beside me. I'm not exaggerating! I promise! I was totally freaking out. I kept jumping and I was so tense and gripping the steering wheel so tight. I was shaking. I wanted to cry.

I couldn't WAIT to get home! The problem was that it was still storming like crazy when I got home so I called Mike from the cell phone and said "I'm home but I'm not coming up for a while." The other problem was that I had to pee. I mean I REALLY had to pee. Like I was about to pee my pants had to pee. I thought I was going to have to get out of the car and pee under the carport and just hope that no one was looking out their window.

Mike eventually came down and tried to talk me in to making the mad dash. I was still freaking out and wanted to stay in the car but I knew I would absolutely pee my pants if I did that. I'm such a sissy. The lightning did slow down a little bit by then so I decided to take my chances and go for it and I knew that once I started there was no stopping because I would definitely start peeing. I'm not gonna lie... I did leak a little bit. Hey... I've got issues! Shut your mouth and stop laughing at me! I've had babies.

But really... I was quite terrified for a while there. I hate that I get scared because I used to love storms. I guess getting struck by lightning will do that to ya.

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