Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bird and Cat

We thought that Mama Bird only had one egg in her nest. She's been sitting pretty tight for the past week or so and we hadn't seen anything different. So we just kept hoping that that one baby bird would make it. Three days ago though I noticed that Mama Bird had TWO eggs in her nest. I was ecstatic!

The kids are still watching and excited. Still talking to Mama Bird every day.

Yesterday morning we woke up, got ready, opened the door to leave and I saw this...

It looked like Mama Bird was trying to swallow her egg. I freaked out and then I saw this...

And I freaked out again.

Stupid stray cat on my porch! I hate cats. And one that terrorizes my birds! Don't even mess with me. I opened the door so I could scare if off and it thought I was letting it in! I kicked it a bit so it would run off. (Go ahead all you animal lovers and hate on me now. It's not like I kicked it like I was going for the field goal or anything. I just don't touch cats and it needed to know I wasn't liking it.)

I went outside and once I got a closer look I realized Mama Bird was not swallowing her egg. Silly me. I saw that it was perfectly cracked in half and she was just holding it in her beak.

What I didn't know was if the baby was ok or not and Mama Bird wasn't moving and I wasn't going to make her. She was terrorized enough by the cat. But I was worried. We had to leave for the gym but I almost decided to stay home.

When we got home the cat was still around. It just kept coming back no matter what I did. The kids were standing at the door yelling "go away bad cat!" It was cute. I thought so anyways. It is a hideous cat.

All day I kept scaring off the cat and watching Mama Bird. After a few hours I saw Mama Bird moving around and went to the door to see what was up and this is what I saw...

How cute is that!! I'm so excited about all of this. The kids haven't seen the baby yet because it never keeps it's head out for long. Maybe today. There is also still another egg so in a day or two we should have another baby.
I was so relieved that we weren't going to have a lesson on death. Ugh.

If that cat doesn't go away there just might be one less cat in the neighborhood soon. Don't worry Mama Bird... we got your back!

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