Monday, May 31, 2010


Last week I planned a playdate and invited some friends over. I always love having play dates because it is a good excuse to make my most favorite mac-n-cheese. I also love having friends over and visiting. Two friends canceled (for very good reasons) and it ended up being just Kim and her son Alex.

Kim emailed me the day before saying they just bought a bubble blower and would it be alright if she brought it. I said "Of course! I'm sure the kids will love it!" What I didn't know what that Kim and I would have more fun with it than the kids did. You see... we both love taking pics and the bubbles were just so. much. fun! Let me just show you...

I eventually got an angle where the sun hit just right and made the bubbles look like floating colorful lights. I loooved it! So much fun. So youthful and innocent and magical. These next pics are my favorites from the day. Most of them were taken while holding the bubble blower in one hand and my camera in the other. 
I think I need to go buy my own bubble blower so I can play around some more.

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