Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Captivating Ladies

These girls have found their way in to my heart and become some of my all time favorite people. While doing the Captivating study by John and Stasi Eldredge we skipped right past anything that would fall under the category of "shallow relationships" and dove right in. We bonded through laughter and tears, through sharing our pain and our success. Our hearts are forever knitted together.


Tara is young... well 23 but I'm 30 so 23 seems young. When she shares about her life though she takes me back to when I was 23. She reminds me of myself not so long ago. There are times when I have thought "she is telling MY story!" But it is nice to have people younger than me that I can share what I have learned with. I love Tara!

You all met Rainey a while ago because I did a photo shoot with her. This happened during our Captivating study and God moved in both our hearts through this. You can read Rainey's story about it HERE. Rainey and I met briefly last September at my sister-in-law's shower. Then we happened to be at Panera at the same time (have I mentioned how much I love that place!? Magical things happen for me there.) and we ended up talking for a while and the rest is history. Such a rich addition to my life!


I just met Danielle from the study. She is sweet and kind and I just love her. I have spent some time with her and always enjoy her company. The conversation is good and she is real and honest about her life. I like people like that. :)


Peggy and I go back a few years now. Her husband worked with the Christian group I was a part of during college and so I knew who Peggy was but we never talked a whole lot. When I was almost 9 months pregnant with Liza I was walking out of my doctor appointment and I heard someone call my name. I looked up to see Peggy with a belly just as large as mine. Our girls were born a month apart and after that we started randomly running in to each other all the time. We finally hung out on purpose and the rest is history. She has become a really great friend and I am so happy to have her in my life!

I met Kim in December when I was invited to join her book group... I love book group!!! And I love Kim! She is in a phase of life where she is learning and growing like a kid in a growth spurt. It's inspiring. She makes me laugh often and I love having someone else who isn't afraid to be really silly around. It's refreshing!


I think that every time I hang out with Sarah I learn something new and interesting about her. She is the one who teaches belly dancing and she will also randomly start speaking random languages like French or Russian. She has a really kind heart and truly cares about her friends. It's hard to come by people these days that truly care about others. I look forward to more fun times with Sarah and possibly some more belly dancing. :)


Beth is my opposite. I am loud and louder... Beth is calm, quiet, soft spoken. I love having her around. I told her she brings something to the group that I do not and it creates a nice balance. Beth shares my love for photography and maybe even loves it more. She went to school for it and would like to start a business someday. We were the photographers of the evening and I think she is super fabulous!!

And that's everyone from the Captivating group. I am so glad that God has brought these lovely ladies in to my life! The Captivating study as a group has ended but I am sure it will continue to be present in our lives and continue to change us.

This summer we are going to continue to meet and go through Lisa Bevere's study called Fight Like a Girl! Super pumped about that!! (I better put off ordering it!)

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