Friday, May 28, 2010

Dress up.

It's not every day that I put on a dress and my red high heels so I figured I better get some fun photos while I was all dressed up. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit! I like to be fun when I dress up instead of going for just nice. I think the red makes this outfit tons of fun. I was very successful in my hunting for all the right pieces! (Gotta give credit to Mike for finding me the perfect red earrings that I was looking for and could not find!)

My sister-in-law Ariel is great. I get my camera all set and tell her something like "just make sure you get us all in and leave some extra space so I can crop it like I want" and then she just shoots away and she always catches great moments for me when we do this!

Here are a few pics of my dorkish self. :)

No idea what was going on in this next one but it cracks me up...

Mike has ALWAYS been better than me at the serious face. I ALWAYS look like I am about to crack up... because I usually AM about to crack up.

Aaaaannnnd we're dorks. And I love it.

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