Friday, May 21, 2010

Freak out!

Last night I was getting ready for bed. All day I had been wearing a t-shirt and my pajama shirt had a v-neck. This is important information because had I worn a regular t-shirt I would not have seen what I did.

I was about to brush my teeth and looked in the mirror and saw what I thought was a speck of dirt on my chest. Upon further inspection I saw that it was a tick. EWWWWWW!!! I freaked out. Soooo gross! So different from finding a bug ON TOP of your skin. IN your skin. *shudder*

I started yelling "Mike! MIIIIKE!!! Get in here! Hurry. Hurry! Ewwwwww!" Yeah. I can be such a girl sometimes. He's all "What!??" I and pointed to the creature from hell and said "Please tell me that is not a tick! Ewwww! I can't take this! Get it out! GET IT OUT!!! I'm gonna cryyyy."

Mike then remembered that one time when Liza had had a tick and I had this brilliant idea to "clean the area" before trying to remove the tick. I don't know why I thought of that... just figured it would be smart because nurses ALWAYS disinfect an area before doing anything. So we got rubbing alcohol and rubbed it over the tick area and it just kind of walked right out.

So we started with that last night. We put some rubbing alcohol on the tick and Mike said he could see it's legs moving. FREAK OUT!! Ewww. I was so squirmy about this. Ugh. It still freaks me out.

Mike went to grab the tweezers only to find that I had moved them. I needed them while doing my crafts the other day and just left them with the craft stuff. So now I am freaking out because the thing is MOVING! and Mike can't find the tweezers. I had this vision of it crawling out of my skin and then crawling all over me so Mike is frantically looking through my stuff trying to find the tweezers and I'm about to cry because the thing is MOVING and Mike isn't there to comfort me.

The thing did practically crawl right out and when it was a good ways out Mike was able to get it fully out with tweezers. But my mind was still going crazy. Eww. I had a hard time falling asleep because I was so itchy and paranoid. I just felt like I had bugs all over me. And I was paranoid about the kids so I had to get a flashlight and look their bodies over just so I could sleep in peace.

What is the point of ticks anyways? Do they have a purpose or are they one of those things that is here just to be an annoyance to us? I think they all need to die. I mean really... if we don't see any ticks for ten years I doubt people are going to be all "Ticks are becoming extinct! Save the ticks! Bring them back."

I still feel gross. I need a shower.

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