Sunday, May 2, 2010

Girl Talk

I've gone and done one of my blogger pet peeves... I started a second blog. Sorry. Forgive me. I'm over it.

It is set to private and you will need to be invited to read it because it is where I will talk about girl stuff and it is only open to girls. :) It will be our safe place... Kind of like going to the bathroom in groups.

Some of you have already been sent an invite to read but if you haven't received that in your email yet then just leave a comment here with your email address and I will approve you and invite you as soon as I have a spare moment. Don't worry about your email going public in the comment... I approve all comments and will just delete the one with your email instead of publishing it.

I'm hoping to get another friend or two to join me in blogging on the blog. Just waiting to hear from some people. I hope it turns in to a fun place where we can just be female and be ok with that... because sometimes we just need to talk about that stuff.

See you over there!

(PS... feel free to tell friends about it. They can send an email to to request an invite to read. Tell them to tell me how they heard about the blog and if they have a blog to give me the link.)

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