Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heart Attacks.

Remember that post about the kids running down the hill which causes me to have a lot of little heart attacks? And then I posted how it got worse when Liza realized she could ride the dump truck down the hill? Well it has once again gone to the next level.

 The outside play time started out quite normal. Blowing bubbles. Cutting the grass. Stuff like that.

But then the kids headed up the hill. Liza with the dump truck. Jason with the lawn mower.

I was telling them that this was not a good idea.

It didn't matter what I thought. They did it anyway.

It's not tooooo terrible. Liza has learned to use her feet the entire way down and actually goes really slow. I can handle that. I think.

I was really hoping they would be done at this point. They weren't. When they got to the bottom Liza handed the dump truck off to Jason and said "your turn Jason!"

I think I had a little heart attack right there and then. But I was stupid. I let  him walk the truck up the hill to see what would happen.

Don't do it Jason!

Pleeeeease don't do it Jason!

Are you trying to kill your mama!?!?!

You do NOT want to be like your big sister this time. I promise.

And that's the last picture I got because he sat down, picked his little legs up and took off down the hill with a look of terror on his face.

I am sure I had the same look of terror on my face as I ran to stop him.

Amazingly... my  heart is still beating today.

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