Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've debated it in my head a lot. I am not against it at all. I have seen people that are home schooled turn out to be wonderful and successful people. It's a stereotype that they are all strange and awkward and unsocialized.

I don't think I am going to do it though. At least that is my decision for now. It will always kind of sort of depend on where we live and the school district. As of now I will be sending my kids off to school when it is time.

I also debated whether or not to put Liza in preschool next year. I decided not to. (Kind of funny because last year I was ready to send her but her birthday falls three weeks too late.) After asking around about what kids learn in preschool I decided that I don't need to spend more money for Liza to learn those things. She already knows her colors, counts to twelve and recognizes the numbers and knows almost all of her capital letters. I know another large part of preschool is so kids can learn to behave in a classroom and with their peers. Liza gets plenty of that as well. Six days out of the week she is in some sort of setting with other kids, a teacher figure and no mom around. So why pay out lots of money to learn that stuff??? Didn't make sense to me.

Instead I will be working with the kids at home. Each week I am going to do one letter of the alphabet. We started this week with "a". Liza is really excited about it and I am just hoping that the enthusiasm continues. Jason sits with us as well and hopefully he will at least pick up on a few things along the way. He did just turn two back in February so I am not expecting too much.

I found a great website to help me out with ideas. Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum. This site is full of ideas for each letter. It even tells you how to plan your week if you want to get serious about it. It has links to coloring pages for each letter, songs and poems, snack ideas, book lists, science, math and social studies ideas. Every "subject" area is covered. Today the kids and I looked at pictures of an albatross, abalone, antelope and aster. We found the color asparagus in our crayon box. Liza wrote the letter "a" and the kids now know the sound it makes. I think we will have apples for lunch.

According to the website the kids should be able to do a little bit of reading by the end of all the letters. It has weeks built in for review and has you start putting together words with the letters you have already taught. If you have young kids at home you should definitely check out the site. It's full of great ideas.

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