Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hunting for girls is not like hunting is for boys. (Unless you actually like hunting like guys do... then hunting for you is just like the boys.)

For girls... Well let me start with the day I bought a dress. First I had to hunt down the perfect dress. I tried on a gazillion. Found two. Kept them both. One was pretty easy to accessorize. The other was a bit more of a challenge. For the past month I have been hunting for the perfect pieces to finish off this outfit. Accessories are majorly important.

The dress is black with a bit of white in it and a red ribbon across the waist. I bought it to go with my red high heels. (For the record I have now bought three dresses to go with those shoes. I just love them so much.) I always need to find the perfect red jewelry to go with these dresses and red shoes but the red has to be the right color red. The first time I needed red I managed to find a necklace that worked. The second time I needed a longer necklace but couldn't find one so I took apart the red necklace I had and made my own. This time I needed a red necklace just like the one I took apart so I had to take apart the necklace I made and remake the first one. It's getting ridiculous... but I just LOVE those shoes!!

I'm almost done with all the jewelry. I at least have all the pieces and beads that I need... just need to finish putting it all together.

I realized about two days ago though that I need the right purse. I have it in my mind that a white clutch would finish off the outfit just right. And not just any white clutch... I have a look in my mind. I'll know it when I see it. The problem is that I'm not finding it!!! I've been hunting and hunting and hunting and the thing in my mind is no where to be found. I've been to so many stores. Looked at so many purses. I know it's out there somewhere. I have a few more stores to go to tonight. If I don't find what I am looking for I will be sad because I am telling you... It's just the perfect thing. It would be awesome. And nothing else will do. I need it for Saturday so it's not like I can find it online and have it shipped without paying an arm and a leg for overnight shipping... but I'm getting desperate!

Oh white clutch... where aaarrre you!?? I neeeeed you.

I'll keep hunting.

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