Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know I've said it a gazillion times before but I just have to say it again!


Those eyes are 100% real. No special editing done to them. Stunning! It's hard to tell him NO.

He's growing up. He talks soooo much. Jason can communicate anything he wants and he and Liza have conversations. It's awesome. I especially love when he says things like "Zat's a-nuf Yiza!" Wonder where he got that from?? No clue. :)

I think one of the cutest things he's been doing lately is cheering for Liza when she pees. Liza will say "I gotta pee!" and run to the bathroom. Jason runs in after her and when he hears the pee he starts clapping and saying "yaaay Yizaaa!!!"

He's just like Liza when smelling flowers... GREAT faces!!

Speaking of great faces...
 Jason may play in dresses because he wants to be like Liza, and he may be obsessed with her shoes and jewelry... but he is all boy. And a cute one!!

He holds my heart. Especially when he calls me "MY Mommy!"

I love this boy!

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