Friday, May 7, 2010


Called me biased if you want but I'm pretty sure my daughter is the most beautiful little thing ever.

She's growing up. I look at her some days and just can't believe how big she is.

She has a big girl bed AND wears big girl panties. I think it's official... she is definitely a big girl now.

She's smart and cool and funny.

I can get her to do just about anything... including sitting for pictures... with the promise of some kind of dessert. This night it was Rita's Ice. She couldn't wait.

Liza asks me every nap and every bedtime to snuggle with her in her big girl bed. I really just should do it every time. At least for a minute.

She told me yesterday that she is going to marry her Daddy. I love that she loves her Daddy. It's a sweet relationship and she is a lucky girl to have such a good father.

Liza rocks my world. She makes my heart melt... often.

I can't imagine life without my Liza.

I love this girl!

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