Thursday, May 20, 2010


A year or so ago Mike and I decided to finally find out what Lost was all about and we started with the first episode ever. We were hooked. We watched and watched and watched until we were all caught up. We were caught up in time to catch this season when it started.

This is the last season.

Sunday is the finale.

I have a problem. I have a BIG problem. The finale starts at 7:00 on Sunday. 7:00! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??? My kids don't go to bed until 8:00 and it is not a show I would want to have on with my little ones running around. It's too violent. 7:00??? Really?


Mike and I are desperately trying to come up with a way to work this out. Could we put the kids to bed an hour early? Probably not. Wouldn't be too fair to them. If we had a second tv we could put a movie on for the kids back in Liza's room and they would sit there and watch while we watched in the living room. Perhaps I need to go buy a second tv. Maybe we could get someone to take the kids for a few hours that night... but then we would have to pick them up late.

The best thing I could come up with was to have someone come play my kids for an hour. Just hang out with them in Liza's room. Anyone? ANYONE????

I'm thinking that maybe... I might be wrong... that the first hour won't be anything new. I hope not. I really hope not.


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