Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love Birds

On our porch railing there is a flower box. It was here when we moved in. There is some dirt in it and that is all there ever has been. Until last week!!

I came home one day and saw a bird hanging around the flower box. Next time I left I noticed there were some sticks in it. It wasn't long after that I realized that there were two birds... one sitting around in the flower box and one flying around and gathering twigs to make a nest.

Then one time when I went outside I must have gotten too close to the bird and scared it. The bird flew off and I saw one beautiful white egg.

One time I saw the switch off... I have no idea which bird is mama and which is papa but one bird was sitting on the egg and the other one flew in.

They looked at each other for a minute and then the one on the egg flew off...

...and the other one moved in to take it's turn.

This has been fun and exciting for us! The kids want to know every morning if the bird is still there and if there is a baby yet. We've been watching and waiting. We talk to the bird and it seems to have grown to trust us. At first it would fly away if we got too close. Now we can come and go and get within two feet of it and it doesn't even flinch anymore. Just sits there. Watches us while we watch it.

Just to show you how close this really is I took a picture while sitting on my couch. You can see the flower box... the birds a bit tough to see in this picture.

We will continue to watch and wait and hopefully the baby bird will make it... otherwise we are all going to be a bit sad.

New life is exciting!

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