Thursday, May 27, 2010

Praying for Patience

Ok... just another thing that bothers me...

When things go a bit crazy and life is all over the place or the kids are really going nuts someone is going to say something like "you haven't been praying for patience have you?"

ha. ha. ha. (That was a REALLY sarcastic ha ha ha. REALLY!)

Honestly... when I pray for patience it's because a situation is already going on that demands more patience and I am already out. I don't think that when I pray for patience that God is all "Hmmm... what more can we throw at Laura to really test her patience level? Oh I got just the perfect situation! mwahahahaha!" And then bam! More insane issues in my life. You know... just to test me. Just to try my patience. Just to show me that I really am going to go insane.

Don't worry... I'm just speaking hypothetically. I saw someone say that awful phrase on facebook and it just got me going. Why do we think like that?

Here's another thing... you say something like I don't want any more kids and someone will say "Be careful what you say because God just might give you twins for saying that." Or I might say that I never would want to live in a certain place and someone will say "I wouldn't say that because God will probably send you there."

Come on people. That's like if I say I hate peas and someone thinks that some kind of situation is going to come up where I just have to live off of peas for months at a time. PUH-LEASE!

Yeah... it's 4am and I'm not sleeping. Just thought I would use the time to share my thoughts instead of laying in bed frustrated that I can't sleep. Who knows... maybe God is trying to give me patience. I mean... taking care of two whiny kids while running on very little sleep. It's the perfect test of patience. I guess I should never pray for patience again.

If you don't ever hear from me again it's because I ran out of patience and then shriveled up and died.

And this is the end of the insanely sarcastic post.

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