Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Proud Mommy Heart.

Liza has been in a program all year that we call "school". She is in the three year old class and they meet once a week for two hours. They have a Bible lesson, craft, gym class, music. Her favorite part and the first thing she always tells me about is the snack. She loves when she gets cupcakes or cookies. They also have guest visitors once in a while. This year they had firemen and their firetruck, a library worker, someone to teach them about exercise, a worker from the grocery store to teach about healthy snacks, a bus driver and buses (her favorite because they got to do TWO CIRCLES around the parking lot!), and a few other things.

This program only cost us $50 and one day of volunteering a month. It was worth it. Liza had a blast.

Today was the closing program and I was just so proud to be Liza's mommy. They sang some songs and I could actually hear Liza. This surprised me because every time that I picked her up from school and they were singing in her room I would peek in... she was always sitting there not moving her mouth.

Here she is coming in...

She just stood there and smiled for me for a while.

Each class sang a few songs. Lots of people were thanked (because everyone who is a part of the program in any way is a volunteer). Lots of pictures were taken. The kids each received a certificate and then they headed back to their classrooms where we could pick them up.

This is Liza sitting at her table in her classroom.

With her teacher...

Liza then stopped off for a quick potty break... because she's a big girl now ya know... and then we headed for the cookies and cupcakes.

Her Grandma and Papa were able to make it for the special day and that always makes everything more fun.

Liza is growing up... and she is soooo stinkin cute!

(I have a lot more pics but won't post them here because of other kids in the pictures. They will be on facebook if you are interested.)

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