Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Someone pinch me!

I'm still kind of waiting to wake up from the dream.

It's been a week since Liza has had an accident. It's been a week since she insisted on wearing big girl panties and started going on the potty all by herself without me needing to tell her. It's been a week of heaven.

In my mind though I'm still hesitating to really believe it. I mean... we spent about a year and a half trying to train her. Trying to convince her that the potty was the way to go. There was blood, sweat and tears. So many times I was certain that "this is the time that it is going to work!" only to be disappointed a day or two later when she just quit again and lost all interest and told people she was going to wear diapers forever. (She actually did tell people that.)

I'm afraid to believe that we are really done because I am afraid that if I do believe it I will wake up tomorrow to be disappointed that she is peeing all over the floor and wanting diapers again.

Is it really real this time!?!?! Could it be?!?! I hope so. But just in case I'm going to keep crossing my fingers and hoping real hard.

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