Friday, May 21, 2010

Takin pictures

The past couple of days Liza has been an enthusiastic photographer. I haven't pushed her toward this at all. We have a little "camera"... it makes all the right noises but it doesn't record anything. It also sings songs. My camera doesn't sing songs to me.

Two days ago Liza saw an ant on the floor. Jason also saw it and anytime he sees an ant he yells "I see a buuuuuug Mommy!" Liza is the bug killer... and she is pretty excited about that too. She jumped out of her seat and began stomping and smearing the ant. Somehow it ended up under the chair.

The next thing I hear from Liza is "I need to take a picture of it!"

So she ran to her bedroom, found her camera and got all excited about taking a picture of the ant she killed that was under the chair.

Since this incident she has been taking pictures of all kinds of things... including me. She tells me where to stand and then she tries to get Jason to get in the picture too.
Maybe she will start to cooperate more for me now that she knows how tricky it is.

I can hope.

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