Friday, May 14, 2010


I read the books a while ago. The first one was good. The second one was good. Then I just started hating Bella but had to continue reading to see how the story went. I should have stopped after New Moon.

Anyways... I decided to torture myself even further and watch the movies. I'm having a hard time seeing what all the hype was about. Twilight was sooo dull. Everyone looked like death and every single relationship was painfully awkward. Bella was a brat and the relationship between her and Edward wasn't very convincing.

I think part of the problem I had with it was that while reading the book I got the idea that Edward was more confident... more sure of himself. Not so strange and uncomfortable about everything. Eh... it just left out sooo much detail. I found myself continuously needing to explain things to Mike. (Yes he watched it with me. He loves me that much.)

New Moon was better but by the end I was all "couldn't they have found someone better to be Bella?!" She didn't show emotion very well. At the end when Edward and Jacob are about to fight she jumps in between them and says "STOP!" I didn't find it convincing. She was too calm. Shouldn't she have been freaking out a little bit more? Shouldn't she have been more upset? I don't know what the word would be but I told Mike that all through the movie I felt like Bella's emotions were "monotone". Bella is a selfish dork. There. I said it. I feel better now.

What confused me the most though was that in the books Jacob annoyed me and I was all for Edward. In the movies Edward annoyed me and I really liked Jacob. How is that?

Who knows. I think I just need to leave all this teeny bopper business behind me haha.

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